Well, June 20th's "Blood Orgy of the Behemoths" exhibition was a SMASHING Success!

With fellow Behemoths Doug Horne,BigToe,and Candy,we laid waste to Fullerton and made heads and eyeballs Explode with delight! 

A Big Thank you to Bax baxter, our curator,

Frank,kind and attentive owner of Max Blooms,

and lastly Deadhead Rum,and Sapporo Beer for supplying libations for the events!

Pictured above are the Four Behemoths in the midst of the Fray!

 Here are ALL the pieces in the Exhibition



and here is our promo for last Saturday's Drunken Docent Tour

A little Classier than the previous 80's Action Film meets grindhouse biker meets Radioactive Monster meets Phillipine Exploitation Film "look" of the previous promotional material..

This one just OOZED Fine Art and all that... And the King of france resembled Tommy,sooooo........i had to use it... Plus,seeing as Doug shined the Docent Tour to go to a BIRTHDAY PARTY,it was a pleasure to transform him into a hulking naked angel....


having enjoyed discussing the art with audiences before

via slide lectures,and "docent" tours

it was a relaxed intimate way to help the viewer understand each work

beyond the 3-minute scan of each picture....


So many folks responded so positively to the Opening,

we thought a Docent tour would be in order...

and thanks to the generosity of Sapporo

we still had PLENTY of beer from the Opening

and The Drunken Docent Tour was BORN!


Seeing as Candy and Doug were in absentia

it was up to Toe and myself to be able to convey a well rounded understanding

of the art of our missing behemoths...

So,this blog will be sharing prepatory sketches

with only my notes from the Docent tour to accompany them.

i don't have Tom's notes because he is a firm believer in the oral tradition of Docenting.

Nor his brilliant and rough original studies and inspirations... if he decides to  post them somewhere,i'll add a link...


Category: Tiki Temple

"Spirit Hut at Dusk"

and here is the sketchbook study for it..


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...



Category: Polynesian Legend

"Moai Reaper on the River Styx"

Sketchbook studies and drawings  for this painting

"Hawaiian Reaper"
and here is where the original concept of the Skeletal Moai was first conceived...
It was for the 2009 Tiki Tarot show at the esteemed Freaky Boutiki in San Diego.

As it was the Death card,i tried to apply that skeletal look to artifacts from

Easter island,New Zealand,Marquesas,and Papua New Guinean locales.

and two developed drawings

"Journey to the Underworld"
"Moai on the River Styx"
the first appearance of our Drinking word "Psychopomp" amongst the notes...

links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...





Category: Classic Monster

"the Drink" (Leopard man-the Island of Dr. Moreau)

Sketchbook Notes and studies
Finding the perfect image for this piece amongst such a dense amount of visual and emotional material was quite a challenge...



links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...


Category: Musical Figure

"the Siren's Song"

Sketchbook Studies

As a side note

Almost did a portrait of Bach,but wasn't sure how he'd react amongst contemporary songwriters...


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...


Category: Alien Encounter

"the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter"

Sketchbook Studies and Drawings


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...


Category: Oceanic


Sketchbook studies and Drawings for this piece


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...


Category: Prehistoric

"Mokele Mbembe"

Sketchbook Studies


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...


Category: Science Fiction

"the Renegade"

Sketchbook studies and Drawings


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...



Category: Literary Figure

"Portrait of Benvenuto Cellini"

No studies for this one.
It was sketched onto the wood and worked from there...



links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...



Category: Mascot

"To Observe and Enslave" (NSA Mascot)

Sketchbook studies


links to Doug and Candy's pieces described above...

Thank you again for visiting and taking our Virtual Docent Tour.
Please Visit Often!

Well, this year has birthed two erotic shows,one in Amarillo,Texas,and the other in Hollywood.

Well....it's about time to start creating some erotic pyrographical pieces....

"the Lovers"

9 x 12"

pyrography with cel-vinyl tinting

"the Lovers

(inspired by Hokusai's "Massive Lovers")

9 x 12"

pyrography with cel-vinyl tinting

and here is the original piece that inspired it....
Hokusai was truly a genius... Shunga prints,as they are called,usually had more LANDSCAPE around the figures (which were usually smaller). This was so that a narrative could be constructed (ie: a peeping tom/amorous activity during a fire or battle outside,etc...) Hokusai,in his usual brilliance,decided to let the figures,the activity become the story....and a universal one at that....




Going to the Artist's Reception at LaLuz de Jesus gallery tonight.

They chose three of my woodburns for the exhibition!

 Will have some photos to share from the opening soon!

Here's the page showing all the pieces in the exhibit ...

La Luz De Jesus Gallery proudly presents their annual juried group exhibition, LALUZAPALOOZA. This gigantic, no-theme show features works from some of the freshest and most relevant artists working today. Last year they sorted through 16,000 submissions from commercial illustrators, graphic designers, tattooists, scenics, students, street taggers, animators and working gallery artists.

Past shows have featured as many as 330 pieces and as few as 100, making this the most exclusive selection of tastefully, jam-packed, salon-style exhibited works in Post-Pop. There will be some familiar names from our ever-growing roster of feature artists, but an overwhelming percentage of the work this year will come from a brand new batch of previously undiscovered, emerging talent. Will you be a patron of the next great generation?

Here's the page showing all the pieces in the exhibit ...

and here's the pieces of mine they chose..

Like two years ago,they went for the pyrography!

"King Octopus"
pyrography and acrylic tinting on wood

private collection

and here are the ones that made it this year...

"Outside the Garden of Eden"
pyrography and cel-vinyl tinting on wood

"the Seven Bowls of Wrath"
pyrography and cel-vinyl tinting on wood
9 x 14"


"the Meddlers"
10 x 8"
pyrography on wood with cel-vinyl tinting



Hello again and Thanks for visiting!

Here are the rest of the drawings from the Holiday Hiatus.

More experiments anddiscoveries and explorations


Below are a pair of drawings that were created at the same time

by pressing the wet ink onto the facing page

Here is a failed attempt to combine BOTH the trumpets and Bowls  themes into one composition...tricky!

Below are a sampling of some more Classical Art themes...

After that,it was decided to try my hand at a battle of the Centaurs...

So first...there were a couple of horse studies....

After that,it was a matter of doing horse studies ,and then figuring out how the torso of the human part was going to react to that pose...

Below are the many results of that journey....

Below is the starting of a 3x3 canvas with the theme of... you guessedit

"the Battle of the Centaurs"

Here is a compositional breakdownguided by the weapon trajectories and arm placements,and  angles of body poses.... So far so good...

and here are some detailsas i build up the lighting and form...

That's all for tonight! Again... Thanks for visiting and sharing in the adventure...



Welcome to 2015!

Thanks for such a Wonderful 2014 full of friends,painting,hugs,insights,and making new patrons and re-connecting with old ones! Well..... the past month or so has been full of planing and wandering outside the gates to see if anything is compelling and new enough to tackle....

Got to meet the talented Robert jiminez and the amazing El gato Gomez a few weeks back...

They were taking over the Downtown Disneyland Wonderland gallery with their awesome creations,and... seeing as Toe and Arlo and i have known them for YEARS online,it was finally a chance tomeet them and spread some artistic support and HUGs!

Here's PROOF!

After such grand Excitement,it was time to become a HERMIT and stay close to the studio
during the Holidays.... ONCE a new space heater had been acquired,mind you.....


Got to redo the studio a lil over the Vacation...will share some photos later,as the walls now look AWESOME, with the Biggest and Best pieces displayed and the rest condemned to the Upper Room/Storage area....


"Black Friday"
pen and ink and pastel pencil on Aquarelle watercolor paper tinted with ink and tissue paper
14 x 20"

Being an odd fellow and viewing the world with curiosity and amazement, Black friday is  such a fascinating cultural phenomenon in our time i just HAD to do some drawings...

Here's some close-ups...
the mass of humanity pours in as the doors are finally open. A mass of onrushing cold and creases and squeals and slips as rabid consumers rush for their holy grail...
With cracked glass as a backdrop,the shopping carts vie for space amongst the scrambling packs of Holiday shoppers...
Upper left of this detail shows a man cradling his unconscious friend,unable to find any medical assistance amongst the throng of pulling and grabbing Sale Seekers...
Here is a pack of individuals fighting over a big screen... In the right corner there is a respite from the bustle as a man aids  a fallen comrade...
One last close-up ... a struggle for a dress while a madman laughs and enjoys the chaos below them...

"the Merge"
Black Friday series
pen and ink on Aquarelle watercolor paper tinted with ink and tissue paper
9 x 12"

This one is about human distance in a public place... Isolation and self-entitlement... Lack of human contact in a crowd....Lack of connection....

You may have noticed a looser,messier approach to these new drawings....

Well, always being one to try new approaches and styles and subjects,i was inspired by the

documentary "For No good Reason" about artist Ralph Steadman... After that,and also researching a favorite illustrator from the past,Ronald Searle,it was decided to try a looser style for some drawings...just to see what happens...

and here's what happened..

"the Eager inmate"
Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper


"the mad Monk"

Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper

"the Crazy Dog"

Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper

"Self portrait at 2 am"
Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper


Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper

(if you haven't read "the Screwtape letters" you really should! it's on Youtube narrated by John Cleese... Well worth a listen!)

"Man with Glasses"

Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper

 private collection


Busting out the pen and ink nibs and scritchy scratching all over the paper was quite liberating...ah Texture!


and here's the result of a sidetrack involving sending animals into space....
"Angry Enos the Chimponaut is escorted off a plane"
Pen and ink and watercolor on tissue paper stained Aquarelle paper

"Ham the AstroChimp"
Pen and ink and watercolor on Watercolor paper


 Also,played with the animals a bit during the self-imposed Art Hermit jag...

"Barking Dog"
pen and sumi ink and watercolor  on Aquarelle watercolor paper
"Dog studies"
pen and sumi ink on sketchbook page
"the Attack"
ink and Copic marker on watercolor paper
"the Yak"
pen and sumi ink on watercolor paper

pen and sumi ink on sketchbook paper
pen and sumi ink on sketchbook paper

Didn't neglect playing around with simplifying and abstracting as well....

Like these fellahs....

pen and sumi ink on sketchbook paper
"the Council"
pen and sumi ink on sketchbook paper
"the Patient Waiter"
pen and sumi ink on sketchbook paper


A few strange and mysterious narratives popped up as i just let fancy take hold.....
"the Farewell"
pen,sumi ink,and Copic marker on Aquarelle watercolor paper

"Deciphering the Scroll"
pen,sumi ink,and watercolor on Aquarelle watercolor paper
"the Old man at the Door"
ink on watercolor paper
"the Distraction"
pen and ink and watercolor on sketchbook page
"the plotters"
pen,sumi ink,and watercolor on sketchbook page

"the Contemplator"

ink and white-out pen on sketchbook page


a lot of these were created with a brush and ink dropper....

Sometimes the paper is wet,sometimes dry....

Was swimming in adventure and surprise  during these....


ink on watercolor paper

"Blind man"

ink on watercolor paper


Copic marker and ink on watercolor paper

ink on watercolor paper

"Girl and Rose"
Copic marker and ink on watercolor paper


As the new year unfolds, tiki will have a chunk of the year,as i explore further and deeper into the savage jungles and dark musty bars... here's some of What has been started in this direction....


A Tangaroa statue (neutered) gets some of that flicking and slapping ink style..

plan on doing a bunch of these.. the pen and ink takes well to a primitive subject matter.
"Messy Tangaroa"
Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper
private collection


pen and ink and watercolor on watercolor paper

"the lost table"

pen ,sumi ink,Copic marker on Aquarelle watercolor paper


Copic marker on Aquarelle Watercolor paper


Below are the results of a few days appreciating and doing studies after the brilliant French Sculptor,Gislebertus...His style has a cartoonish charm that is strong,solid,and still able to convey a deep and spiritual message... Check him out!


"Fallen Angel after Gislebertus"

pencil and sumi ink on watercolor paper


"study of Devil after Gislebertus"

pencil,pen, and sumi ink on watercolor paper


"study after Gislebertus"

pencil and sumi ink on watercolor paper

"the Ascent"after Gislebertus"

pencil and ink on watercolor paper


Was also inspired by a frieze by Bergeret for Napoleon

and decided to give it a modern twist....

"the Advance"
pen and sumi ink and watercolor on Aquarelle watercolor paper
"man and Dog"

marker and sumi ink on watercolor paper

"Overwhelming force"

Sumi ink and watercolor on watercolor paper

"Plus-Size to Protect and Serve"
pencil and sumi ink on Watercolor paper

"the Protestor"

pencil and sumi ink on Watercolor paper


pen,Copic marker and sumi ink on Watercolor paper

"the Officer"

Pen and ink and watercolor on Aquarelle paper

"the Fence"
pen and sumi ink on watercolor paper


and here are some rambling figure studies...just because....
"Figure Study"

ink on watercolor paper


ink and watercolor on sketchbook page

"the fallen"

ink on sketchbook page

"the Fallen"

ink and white-out marker on watercolor paper

"Pen and Ink studies"

ink and watercolor on watercolor paper


ink and watercolor on sketchbook page

"Looking back"

ink on sketchbook paper

"Restless Angel"

ink on watercolor paper

"Old Age"

ink on sketchbook paper

"the Ascetic"

ink on sketchbook paper

"the Private thought"

ink on sketchbook paper

"the Secret dream"

ink and watercolor on sketchbook paper

"the Shoveller"

ink on sketchbook paper


Well, it's getting late,so i will leave you tonight

and pick up later in the week with EVEN MORE drawings and art stuff from the Christmas vacation jag!

You will be shown  a last batch of Classical Art themes....including LOTS of Centaurs!

As well as some new pyrographical wonders and the starting of three new paintings!

Thank you for the visit and giving this a read.


Until our paths next cross.....



Like i mentioned last BLOG,the Rebel Angels is FINISHED!

Four by Six feet in diameter,it is NOW proudly hanging on the walls of the PAS gallery.

So let's take a wander around the work

before i share some Opening night shots with y'alls!


First,some music to accompany such a heavy theme...

Let's start in the top corner

The trumpeting angel swoops downward from the clouds in the corner

propelled by a gust  from one of the four winds.

Some of the heavenly Architecture is revealed

all the while,a sword-brandishing angel flies towards an unknown foe...

the bottom right of this picture has a lot of details we will examine shortly...

Here we float along the top of the painting....

This is  a great area of the piece to view a panoramic display of some of the distant buildings

Also, along the top right of this shot,you can see the flash and the fallen angels being dumped out of a Divine Cloud ,transforming to suit the evil inside of each of them...

Here is a little lower so you can see the Angel tear out of the archway in the upper middle of this vignette...There are two pillars in this shot that have little symbolic clues/support imagery that we'll discuss shortly....

Well... Looks like "shortly" is here! I have carved the ten commandments on the pillar to the right of the repentant devil...This is a reminder of the Law...Also note the trumpets at the top,

harassing the fallen spirits as they tumble to Hell...

Here is a shot to give you a roadmap as to where these closeups are located...

Here is a nice clear view of the Angel with a Spear and the Accusing Angel pointing at a worried little devil as he tumbles thru the air...

As this picture shows..a sort of boundary is formed between the Upper and the Infernal Regions. The Clouds of Heaven spilling and gathering around the hems of this area...

As we float towards the right end of the top

we see a structure floating on a cloud and a league of the Fallen  in the middle of this picture.

In this vertical Shot,we finally get to decipher and clearly see the second pillar mentioned earlier.. it pictures an Angelic winged eye shedding tears into a Flame... This part of the work is a good spot to see the Black,indigo,forest outlines being used to achieve more depth in the picture.

Here is the Accusing Angel  and Devil,all framed for emphasis and examination...

Behind the two,Angels transform and fall downward into the flames deep below...

And at last,we reach the top right of the painting...

Behind the Angel with the scales are examples of the architecture of each of the Realms

Pillars,stairs,and towers above and flames and the columns and tympanum with a winged frieze on the building located below....

Pictured here is the heavenly fortress with domed central building. There's a Brueghel-inspired fallen angel with a hood  and another figure  with disintegrating wings up near the top....

This angel as inspired by the Michael of  European religious art.... He is often pictured holding scales in the center of a Last Judgment piece.(Until Michaelangelo's replacement with Christ who acts as the actual fulcrum of the scale in his Judgment painting.i chose to place a heart and a brain  that are being waved... I meant this to represent Lucifer's mindset that caused  his demise....That would be a battle between Heart (love,obedience,humbleness) and Brain (Pride,entitlement,Jealousy)...his desire to set himself above his creator...

Here is an earlier piece, "God Creating the World" where we see Lucifer(Blue ,on the bottom, second figure from the right) As you can see,his expression is thoughtful, serious, doubtful, not the joy and adulation of the other angels.... It is here,and finally when Man is created and given dominion over the animals and the earth,when his dissatisfaction grows into rebellion.

I'm not sure if this painting was shared.. It's an earlier,vertical version of this theme. I had it next to this huge piece for additional inspiration,as well as to force me to produce something even better...

A closer look at the serene face of this angel (Michael?), with the fourth wind gently blowing a breeze  amidst the clouds.

As we slide lower don the right side,lower down the angel with the scales' form we see the drapery slowly encircling an astonished fallen angel,fully transformed into a mishapen demon. His look of worry  is merely a realization of his fate. There are plenty of prisons in this UnderWorld...

Here is an extreme close-up of his concern...And Look! a Cherubim floats peacefully by, gathering intelligence to report back later,,,

Another Angel flaps his wings proudly here,with a shield on one arm,and the Word-the only Law,in his other hand... You'll notice later as we creep downward to the bottom of this painting,that Lucifer ALSO holds the LAW.The only reason he isn't completely destroyed is his challenge  to God concerning destroying and punishing a third of his faithful Creations,the Angelic  Ones...

As an aside... Biblically, Satan is merely banished to our Spiritual Dimension and finally ,near the endtimes,he is banished  to Earth only (as opposed to the Universe in THIS physical realm). This is where he causes all that trouble mentioned in Revelation with the Four Horsemen,AntiChrist,False Prophet, Whore of Babylon,etc.....until the Judgment,Second Coming,and casting him into the lake of Fire for one thousand years (By that time new Jerusalem will have landed,but that's another painting for the future.)

This painting follows the more Middle Ages Fine Art narrative,with some other stuff thrown in for PIZAZZ....

A Nice view of the Shield and some Hellish architecture swarmed by flames...

And now we sail back over to the middle/bottom  left of this Epic MasterWork!.

There is a great look of determination,of intent,in this sword wielding Angel. This shot also gives you a great look at some more Heavenly buildings.

This manner of allowing the Angels to flow and curl and twirl through the air,apparently with Bolts and Bolts of Divine fabric at their disposal,was inspired by the way Gothic sculpture began to achieve this ornateness of movement,this stretching of a form for emphasis' sake....and the drapery....AH! Well it all was smeared and blended into a big homogenous gob of 12th Century European/Romanesque art themes...and then there's GISELBERTUS ! His sculptures for the Autun Cathedral in France is kind of the benchmark of this wonderful,slightly cartoonish,with beautiful flowing figures peppered amidst confused stumbling forms....

all with wonderful evocative silhouettes...

Here's an example...Check him out!

The elongated angel on the left has inspired and haunted me for around a decade..the perfect drapery and slight bend....the folds and flow are akin to the Russian icon...very grooved and graphic. Also the size.... the Hugeness when compared to the poor mortals awaiting judgment....

Well....Now that you've been given a lil bit of culture,let us return to the painting at hand....

Here is a view of some of the landscape of Hell, with Lucifer far right wagging his finger upward toward the light ,as if demanding his day in Court. The angel on the right is going about brandishing his sword at various malcontents...

Here is a great peek into some of the Architecture of the Damned... Also note the Black, Indigo, and Forest outlines..just as i used them to instill depth of field up above near the top...here it is applied to the subterranian depths.... Of course,there are trumpets blasting from the clouds,a constant reminder of the violations of the fallen.

The little red gentleman is entranced by the shield and the blue fellow scrambles towards a fiery escape. Far right are some more Buildings and prisons.

at the VERY bottom of the left side,a surprised newly transformed  devil looks upon the scene with surprise and confusion.

And,as mentioned earlier,you can now see the LAW in Lucifer's hand... I added the horns just to make identification easier for the viewer. Behind him is a mourning fellow rebel,clutching his heart as his wings merely fall off.  Also note the angel located at the middle top of this shot. He's carrying some chains to bind some troublemaker. And of course,we wander to the right to spy the Adonis Angel....

I call him Adonis Angel because a large majority of women who have viewed the painting

while it was on an easel being worked on, declared that tghis was their favorite figure.

I think a lot of it has to do with not only his sculpted profile,but the way his body flows,

how it appears to float out of the painting and towards the viewer... It would appear that the two lil devils tugging on his cloak are also beguiled by his sympathetic features...

On the far right of  we are introduced to another sword handling angel ascending upward.

We can also see a few more buildings in the distance

And for the ladies....

And, finally, we can discuss one of my favorite characters in here... the winged bulldog chap! He appears to have gotten entangled in some of the angel's tumultuous robes...

Also, when one peers farther back,a descending denizen covers his face as he plunges into the flames.

This picture allows us to see the encompass of all the architecture on this side..Some appearing closer,and others appearing farther away,same with the flames...

Here we can see the flames that are in the foreground contain more red than the flames that are farther back... just a lil parlour trick that helps make my job as an artist/illusionist easier.

Pictured here is a structure with kneeling praying figures,wings and whatnot adorning it's outer walls...

Along the bottom right of this painting,we have the  last angel,with sword upraised and ready to strike. Far right ,in the foreground is a mesmerized devil,influenced by the japanese demons of  Hokusai and  Kuniyoshi

the Skull-headed figure was inspired by both Bosch and Brueghel. I dig his withered little wings....

With this final shot we will conclude our first tour and will get on with the second shortly...

This picture is a great example of how to achieve aome distance. And thus we conclude our final walkabout with the rebel Angels... I hope you enjoyed the Tour!


(paintings awaiting their delivery to the gallery)

Now it's time to take you around the show... First ,before the visitors arrive

and then i'll share the photos that were taken that night,m'kay?


Here's some Music to accompany our walk-thru...


and if you'd like nice clear shots of the paintings...



This is the wall the visitor sees when they first walk in.

This wall contains a clumping together of some of my religious/Social Commentary  themes.

"The Church in the last Days" reinforces the contemporary theme of "Saint Surveillance". Between them are woodcuts that are an extension/overflow of the Surveillance piece.


looking to the left is the title of the show and 'the Conversation" amidst two tiki-themed pieces...Two different storylines,but connected by the element of fantasy.


Here's a backaway view of that wall....


to the left of the Saint Surveillance piece is the main hallway of the magoski Art Colony. We were able to design the show so that it starts in the front and leads the viewer down the hall into the mass of paintings . See how your eye is led to the Rebel Angels piece? EXACTLY!


Here is the first part of the hallway pieces.. These are Tiki pieces.. Ranging from a childhood Von-Danieken (sp?)  fascination with otherworldly interstellar visits via Sepik River Spirit hooks to a study in relationships with the Bar-themed "the Constant Crier".


Move Along! No time to Dawdle! Let's get to the next grouping....


Before we enter the main collection of work,there is another wall that echoes the magenta wall in the very front.

Here's the view looking back towards the front.


On the main wall we have the Rebel Angels piece and a framed Artist's statement.

Below is the statement,so you can fell like you're actually THERE!

Like it says...such a terrific undertaking cannot be created alone... No man is an island..

A peninsula...an isthmus maybe,but not an island....

Walking past the main piece,two landscapes are revealed..

a little oasis from the the tumult of the War in Heaven around the corner...

Hidden behind the Rebel Angels wall, a Self portrait and some disparate paintings dwell...

Here's a view of one corner...

and here's the other...

if we turn completely around from facing the Waterfall painting,the wall of Classic greek myth will be revealed... Hercules and the nemean Lion,a Siren,and a Tragedy figure.

Added to the mix is an Orpheus...

These pieces lead to the corner area where i have a glass case filled with painted mugs

i had produced with Tiki Farm and the Tikipop catalog with  the page opened to my

"Song of the Pufferfish". a little diorama action....kinda...

Swarming on the walls around the glass case are some woodburns and a few other showcase tiki pieces,including a six foot Cannibal king...

and here is how theis whole area looks from across the way.

Here's a better view of the glass case...

And here's a view from the next room we're going to enter....

on this wall are two early erotic paintings where i attempted to blend architecture and the human form.... Without the forms interacting,it looked like a warmup before a run.. The solution was to place it in the context of a devil's Courtyard...

The blue carries over to this wall with the Elephant's Secret and the Monkeys... Pieces dealing with human relationships via Anthropomorphism...

This picture gives you a little view of how that corner flows....

as we turn the corner to the left,the paintings in this area  are all based on Biblical accounts.

One of the Four living creatures around God's throne and the Trumpets and bowls all share the book of revelation as their source.

To the left od those pieces are a Christ and the Demoniac study and a garden of eden Expulsion woodburn...

Here are how they look all grouped together...

Directly across from the bible area are three tiki pieces,the largest a fantasy narrative involving transporting tribes and cultures via massive wooden ships...

and the final wall,a companion wall is across from the big blue Elephant's Secret painting.

These are a collection of Animal and Fantasy pieces...

And this appears to be the end of our pre-Opening Tour! If there are any paintings you'd like to see closer,Come on down Saturday the 29th at 6pm for the Closing Reception and a more in-depth docent tour ABOUT each painting!


And now for the Opening Reception photos....

Some of these are mine,others are taken by Aimee,Rene, Jesse,Adrian,and Al

Which i can give photo credits to under each one,but laziness stops me

from doing that tonight.....


I'm just going to hobble them all together without comment

and let you enjoy the crowd and a lil bit of the magic from that night...


i just KNOW more photos were taken...so i will post them here as when i find them...

To all of you who were there that evening,thank you for taking the time to come visit and enjoy my babies...It's always such a thrill to be able to share them in such a fashion!





FINALLY finished "the Fall of the Rebel Angels" this morn around 4am

Will share photos and details later.....

Here's a GIF!


and here's some promotional reels that were created to promote the Exhibit!