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Here is a record of a recently finished sketchbook  December 17,2020 to January 8,2021. 

This sketchbook had watercolor paper pages,so it was a little treat from the regular paper of past books...
Page 1

Here are some modernist vignettes,playing with bold colors and  inspired by Mid Century graphics,menus,matchbooks,and prints and patterns...

Page 2

A Hornbill with his Mid-Day Meal

and some birds flying and spying....

Page 3

A Study of a Gope(?) Board, Papua New Guinea

i used ink straight from the dropper,

blooted it,

then a wet brush to blend the colors together

Enjoyed the raw,spontaneous application

Page 4

study of North Sumatra Dwelling

Page 5

study of Spatula, Papua New Guinea

Page 6

Ventured out and went to the Bookman a few weeks ago,and found a wonderful old book

with Artifacts that just begged to be recorded!

Page 7

Wooden Adu, Indonesia

Page 8

When blotting and creating texture with the ink and paper

i'll have an area on the facing page that slightly echoes 

the more saturated surface,and can be used to create something entirely new

or appreciated as is.....

Page 9

A pair of Mask designs and a chance to play with texture and color bleeds.

Page 10

Two very raw and fast mask designs

rendered off the cuff

straight from the ink dropper to paper.

PAge 11

Sometimes one has to create a landscape

before setting off to explore it....

Page 12

Back in the early 90's,i would fill countless sketchbook pages with figure and character studies

and attempting to use as few unbroken lines as possible.Decided to revisit that exercise  from 30 years ago and see what fruits it may bring forth....

Page 13

"The Shade"

Sometimes a figure ,or a story 

just flashes in the brain.

Most often they are enigmatic and Mysterious 

,so it's best to just record let it flow out 

and decipher at a later date.....
Some days there will only be one

other days,they just pour out.

This sketchbook was lucky enough to receive a good number of these "flashes"...


Page 14

"The Child"

Page 15

"Comparing Beards"

Page 16

"Freeing a Bird"

Page 17

Another Inspirational Exercise is to find an illustration in an old book

and create a study BUT with a small twist

to hijack the original intent

or to reframe the story.

i achieved this by adding a third arm and hand

playing with the smoke....

Page 18

For these last pages,i quickly pencilled out a few jungle scenes

playing with exaggerating scale and rhythm

i would then fill in the watercolor to get an idea of the lighting

and then a final blackline after that.

After finishing six of these

i realized i had run out of sketchbook

and have switched back to the regular paper....

Page 19


Page 20

Page 21

Page 22

Page 22

I hope you enjoyed this little hike around a snapshot in time. May the optimism and enthusiasm to create and problem solve  inside this book be an indicator of exciting discoveries and opportunities in 2021.With so many surprises around each corner,it's good to have a sketchbook nearby....