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PixelCat personally examines each panel  for errors...

The last Blog entry  before this one

talked about the story of the Komes Family,Flora Springs Winery,and Wilfred's lounge

The concepts for the mural

prepping the panels (Gessoing each panel TWICE)

and finally transferring the drawing onto the panels

with a grid and pastel pencils and a raw umber underpainting....


and FINALLY! Here We Are! the PAINTING part!

We started with PANEL 10 and 20

the Top and Bottom Panels farthest to the Right...

the Beginning of the Hawaiian Style First Street Bridge and distant  Vegetation

And located beneath it,is PANEL 20 with the Tiki Winepress 
inspired by John Komes.
(see the previous blog for the whole wonderful backstory of

Wilfred's Lounge,Flora Springs,and the Komes Family)


Here is Panel 20 and panel 10 while i was fitting them together ...

Next up is PANEL 9 and PANEL 19

The Palm Fronds and First Street Bridge

Here are Panel 9 and panel 10 matched up

The Trunk of the Palm,the River,and some Ferns and Leaves


and here is PANEL 19 next to PANEL 20
Next are PANEL 8 and PANEL 18

Mostly the Stone making up the Bridge  Also,part of the Arch


At the prow of the outrigger is Flora,on her journey from Hawaii to Napa.

i used the Flora Springs Winery's iconic logo as inspiration  for the main character of this story.

The Grapes are a reference to the Komes Family'sFuture Winery.

and here are Panels 8 and 18 being pieced together
And a few more Close-ups and "Fit-Togethers".

Next up....
PANEL 7 and 17


The First Street Bridge  illuminated by a Tiki Torch 

and PANEL 17

Two of the Rowers for Flora and a bunch of River

PANEL 17 and 16 matching up
and here it is being sized up next to the panels on each side....


PANEL 6 and 16

While Panel 6 is finished
I will shoot a less "forced perspective" shot for here later

Here we Go!

PANEL 6 Under the Bridge and some background Forest....

Panel 16 is ,as of this writing,

still in progress....

Here it is further Along! The last Rower
As is Panel 15 to the left....

PANEL 5 and 15

PANEL 5 in Progress

The last of the Arch of the Bridge and the beginning of the Vineyard Bounty that extends from the far Left to the middle Top of the Mural.

Panel 16

Sizing it up with Panel 6 above it...
Panel 5

Fitting Together PANELS  6 5 and 4
Panel 15
Next up... 

PANEL 4 and 14

Panel 14

The River and some Vegetation

This Area is where they will have the door


the trunk of a Palm,the base of Two Tiki Torches,the River,and some Ferns and Leaves
Panel 4

Here is PANEL 4

and spotting problem areas on PANEL 3 that do not fit together smoothly

Don't worry,Got them all FIXED!


Panel 3 and 13

Panel 3 

Palm Fronds,Grapes,and Leaves
Panel 13
the River and Shoreline Vegetation
and placed against it's neighbor PANEL 12

PANEL 2 and 12


Grapes,Palms,and part of the Lono's Headdress

PANEL 2 next to PANEL 1

Trunks,River,and some Ferns

Also just a teeny BIT of the Lono

PANEL 11 and 12 fitting together...


PANEL 1 and 2

the Lono Greeter takes up most of these two panels

Which means that he'll be at least 10-11 feet tall!



and 1 and 11 Fitted together

Will be touching these panels up before they are picked up and delivered next week.
So i shoud have some better pics to share,and maybe a few of the unloading

if i don't get caught up in the moment!


Just loaded the panels and they will be in Napa/Wilfred's Lounge by Nightfall!

Here's tired ol kinny with Emilio from Flora Springs wrapping up our precious cargo for delivery.

Tired,but happy it turned out so well,and was a nice test of my energy,limits,and skills for 3 months.... It feels kind of strange to have this project developed and realized over the space of the year,and then to suddenly have it GONE! The studio feels emptier and the cry to create more starts slowly to increase in volume....Going to take a few days to decompress,and hopefully, i can soon share some details of the installation and all that ,as Wilfred's shares details!