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Hello Folks!

Took a slight detour from the 6 x 4 foot "Fall of the Rebel Angels" and thought

that i had better get this piece started!

But before i drone ceaselessly about that...

"Sympathies and Antipathies"

a Solo exhibition of Work by yours truly
November 7th at the Egan gallery
curated by the legendary Bax Baxter
and located in the Magoski Arts Colony
223 West Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton California!
7 to 11pm



Now Back to our regularly scheduled Blog....

For this exhibition, it was decided that it should contain a few

MONUMENTAL pieces..... paintings worthy of a museum

paintings the viewer could get lost inside

Works that entrance and absorb the eyes,mind,and heart...

Works that Speak

and have enough room to tell their story...

Well.... today's story concerns "Saint Surveillance".

This is a concept that has birthed a few paintings...

different versions for different circumstances..

He was born at my 2002 exhibition "Rational Suspicion"

at the legendary Caged Chameleon in Santa Ana.

It was an  art show that combined

the Book of Revelation

with contemporary Conspiracy Theories

and showed the good folks

that we were RIGHT on schedule!

Most folks didn't get it back then,

despite the fact that the Patriot Act

and all the measures enacted since then

bespoke a much different future than we ever imagined....

I had a 2 year chemtrail log displayed on the wall,

and we had mounted a motion activated  "camera"

in the bathroom!

Of course,it really wasn't a camera,it LOOKED like a camera

but merely moved left and right when activated.

No recording machinery in there whatsoever!

It was meant to give folks a feel of their intimacy being observed...scrutinized.

but the main response was general uneasiness....

MUCH LIKE TODAY,with the NSA and advertisers

observing and recording

our intentions and actions...

But i digress...



Above is the first Saint painting in the series...

It was painted in gouache on a gessoed board...


This painting is the second piece in this series.

It was painted in acrylic with paintpen over that....


and the third,also rendered in acrylic and paintpen.

Well, for November's "Sympathies and Antipathies",

a FOURTH version needed to blossom forth.

One different...more EVOLVED than the previous incarnations....


And here's an old Militarized Saint from an OLD sketchbook


So first..... there were a LOT of studies and a LOT of mullin

and ruminating to begin...

So First i went thru the Studio/batcave/Art Studio of Solitude

to see what i could dredge up....

And after some useful reading and notes taken

found this on the internets



The pose,dignity,

and solemn seriousness

of purpose and destiny

just drew me in....

Being a lover of Stained glass ever since my Lutheran midWestern upbringing

this one just begged to become a newly transformed

PATRON SAINT of our new Societal Model....

Let us Begin!

Initially, it was just a flurry of impressions

the initial concept of the police shocktroops

emerging from the folds

began here

as well as the camera/eye.

Another Rickie-Quickie sketch....gathering up speed

playing with possibilities and treating the sketchbook like a post-it note pad!

The concept of gate/enclosure/corralling....



Also had the idea of a ring of children in a camp

kind of a Matisse homage for our times....


Note: As i start to gather steam and the brain starts a-boiling

ideas just pop up lickety-split

one after the other.

They're all not winners

or they may be brilliant but not right for THIS piece...

or maybe deserving of their own painting....

that's the way it works here

Shotgun effect

lots of buckshot....


Pictured above is just a quick Copic marker study of the stained glass St. Patrick

retaining the staff and church  and mitre...


and here's where the form is played with and different machines and structures are added.

I wanted the cloak to flow downward

red and viscous

evoking blood

but more of a subtle  than literal translation.

There was a clearing in the middle for a Moses type exodus/corralling into the structure

but that was rejected after realizing that it may suggest birth or penetration.

or they may just look like lil tots on Santa's lap!

So a different solution was discovered...


Why not have the figures emerge from the sleeves?

Spilling out from that SOURCE

that Monumental Source!

and it will be BIG!

36 x 60"

a Commanding Vision,if ever there was one!


Now for the difficult part...

nailing that arm cradling the church!


and with the blue surgical TSA gloves

the mood was further reinforced

and stamped for approval!


Decisions were made and it was ready for the final "fitting.

Taking the dimensions of the canvas and mathematically reducing them


allowed for a SHRUNKEN version

and helped me to visualize where the eye would travel

the map of the landscape....

Next step was to figure out how to colorthis

the supporting actor to the drawing

to create some MOOD.


The sky was still TOO Blue too Sunny too LIGHT

for the gravity of the narrative....


Here's some close-ups of the drawing....

Well... it was time to transfer this drawing onto a canvas!



I have an Old trusty Opaque projector that i use to projectthe drawing onto the canvas

Sometimes an artist has trouble capturing the immediacy of a drawing

when pressed with enlarging it... Well ,at least i do....

Learned that gem of wisdom after about the third mural...

Here it is ,in comparison with the Rebel Angels

i sketched it on quickly

allowing for more freedom of flow with the elements.

Here are some other various shots showing it in progress of being realised

as well as some details....

FIIIINALLY,it was at a point where i could establish some of the lighting

play with some textures

and some DRAPERY! :)

and mechanical thingamabobs

and stone

PLUS, i could practice BOTH

a slow downward flow (the beard)

with a sloooooooower mollasses type flow

with the crimson colored drapery of the cloak...



An initial RAW UMBER for the shading

and then washes of the fill colors

growing from the initial RAW UMBAH shading

Enough washes and they are COVERED practically!

flowing and transitioning smoothly

especially when the viewer steps back from the piece...

You'll see!


Here are some details

As well as the Bottom

where i began to add more figures

off the cuff ,on a whim

ON A NEED for a way to promote distance

and enhance the story...

Here's sketchbook studies where they were assigned


Of course ,there are about a dozen more pages of studies

but these each contain elements used in the piece..

Now.... where were we?

Ah yes!

The initial tinting/building up of colors...

some details....

And Now,dear viewer

Onto Phase THREE of this Heroic Undertaking!


i KNOW the painting was supposed to be COMPLETELY PAINTED with acrylic

before the final touch  with the paintpen.

YES! My anal retentive organized paintpen quiver

a dear old friend...

I have been using paintpens

embellished over acrylic

since 1990

on and off

honing up on painting for a few months

involving more time with the sketchbook for a time

it's always drawing vs painting

which one to give time to?

with paintpen OVER acrylic

it's like both

AND,the advantage is

it's FASTER than just laboring with a brush

over the deadline..

and the more one uses them

the more tricks can be discovered and used!

So anyways..

the intention is to completely paint it first

but it usually ends up a mishmash of finished areas next to white canvas parts

as the piece slowly comes together


Always leaving a place setting for chance

for new ideas in those white milky areas of opportunity

with just a few pencil lines to prevent

mini snow-blindness...


BUT i always get curious

How will this part look?

How can i buttress the lighting over here?

and i just....well......GO AWF!

As mentioned earlier....

Parts are closer to completion than others

Sort of a Tower of babel

Different areas Cultures of their own

with territories of their own

boundaries they must stay within...

Here's a good example of the stark whiteness next to a nearly finished area

The face was nicely  rendered with washes of raw umber

some red from the cloak

and a tiny tiny bit of blue

'cause Dali says so!

and that boy could PAINT!

And if you haven't read his books

i recommend most

the Secret Life of Salvador Dali

50 Secrets of magic Craftsmanship

(where the term and concept of Sympathies and Antipathies is discussed

Objects and colors and textures and plants and ani,als

How some compliment each other

while others clash violently....

Which is a PERFECT analogy for the way i approach

styles and subject matter.

Some work well together

while other groupings come from completely different worlds.)



i also highly recommend

the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini

it's illustrated by Dali,

but it's authentic old venice artisan timey

and Benvenuto is a capable writer and kind of

proud of himself and kind of daring and brash

So it's a fun read

if you're into that art-geek stuff!

Speaking of....

Albinoni's Adagio in G minor for organ and strings...

This was the soundtrack for painting a LOT of this piece

Monday and Tuesday night

i hope some of the sadness

and longing for liberty seeps into it...

Here's a REAL BIG lookie see at his face

the camera AND the human eye-working together

the third eye

not of spiritual wisdom

but of INFORMATION driven wisdom...

Also,note the Super listening device in the ear....


Below is a view of the Mid-section

the MEAT of the piece...

Still undecided on how to fill the white areas

but inspiration always comes at the right moment....

Above you can see the police slowly forming

slowly getting built up....

Also,in the back

under the church

and a little further into the "guts of our dear Saint

there are some new structures

some walls

an arch

and even some fallen citizens in an alleyway!

Here's a little closer look at the Police on the bottom.

the great part about  keeping parts of the painting untouched by paintpen

allowing for the texture and sloppiness of the painting to peek out.

the helmets are a prime example

little is needed  for them to convey what they are....

it will achieve SEMI-realness in this style..

Also peep back into the background and take a gander

at them details i described earlier...

the fallen individuals are a bit clearer

barely rendered.....

Above shows us the two corner cops emerging from a fold

and also the WONDERFUL braiding

i will be giving this Saint's Cloak!

and a view of the left hand troops

as they also emerge from the dark recesses of the blood-colored sleeve..

On this sleeve the braiding isn't as developed...




Fourth? they all blur into one another...

Let's look closer!

Fleshing out the wall

and church

and deepening and accenting the folds

keeping the lush texture of the fabric intact

rumple rumple!


a little more work developing the beard

remember that vertical flow thang mentioned about 10000 words ago?

well it's getting there now

You will notice later how the beard appears to spill downward faster

than the fabric,weight texture color all play a factor in that

but most of these mortals never notice,,,,

More work on the techno-halo as well

consisting of divine Eyes  woven with microwave towers.

The upper shot also gives one a detail of the surveillance cams on the turrets....

and the illuminati pyramid angel wing gate opening...

Here's a detail showing the paintpen overlaying/enhancement.


Finally some penwork on the other hand

the facade of the church



Side note:

if you read some of the older REBEL ANGEL blogs

we discussed a lil trick to promote distance in a subtle way

outline in black-closest to the viewer

outline in indigo-a little behind the black outlined objects

outline in Forest Green-even farther back

etc. etc. ad naseum



This closeup shows the above outlining theory put to semi-use.


and here's a lil tour outside the church

or is it?

i know most churches now have cel-towers

on their property

as do schools

etc ad naseum.

but jail bars on the windows?



The picture above also showcases that whole

leave an are free of paintpen and let the paint sing thru it



a closeup of the braiding for the eagle patch and eye-motifed trim...


an aerial view of the patio area.

Somebody shoul fence that perimeter

dontcha think?


a closeup of the corner cops for your consumption....



Where i last left off

1am Monday morning

after a brilliant week of POWERIN it!


Sorry about the lighting

my studio has a few errant UFO-like shafts of light

from the upper vent area WAY UP high in the studio

sometimes it makes the studio look underwater

other times

the stacatto of lightshafts would give Picachu epilepsy...


There's one captured on film...

elusive lil devils....


Beard is better

flames around halo-better

clouds more enhanced

turrets close to completion

and check out the nice Roman eagle atop our Saint's mitre.....


a little further down the painting

you will see i have created a Mechanical heart

to guard this doorway...


Here's some studies i assembled to make the final one you see....

The idea of displaying "heart"

especially in the political arena

seeems to defy logic in this day of lobbyists and agendas beyond our voices or ears.

Hence the melding of machinery with organic matter

that whole transhumanism movement to those of y'all hip to Dat!


Gold trim for the buildings

the riotous clash is popping to life

This is what i call the

OOMPH! stage

where it begins to fall into place...


Also if you look way back in the background behind the cops

you will see some trash

because these scenes are never as sanitized as we would want them to

Here's a trash study to show you the lengths i go to

make this piece a DOOZY!

Also,some extensive reinforcement has been going on

with some barbed wire fencing added to the cloak.


the almost Completed church

and look! lady Liberty crops up

a sad reminder of a time long past,,,,


Here's a closeup of the techno halo upgrades

sice the last session.


Here's the mitre so far

still a lil raw...


a lil tiny bit of makeup....


Here's a closeup of the turrets

Notice the white outline

a lil trick to help certain elements POP out from other

usually more distant ones......


a sniper in the tower

and a spotlight post slowly

sinking intot the folds...


a closer peek at the gate construction...


More OOMPH added....

Here you can see the beginnings of both the trash and the fallen alley folks...


in case you didn't notice

those are medievel torture instruments....


some areas still lay bare

after all the bustle around it!


Here's a much better view of the heart...


Here we pan back a little just to assemble all those nifty details....


And here we have a strange little vent/pipe shoulder attachment....


and i do believe that

1)you are up to date with this piece

2) i am tired and should get some shuteye before work.


Adios dear friends

and thanks for the visit!

Any questions or inquiries

go to the Contact page


and Good Night!