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Well.... Pictured above is what began as a Post Saint Surveillance "Warm-Up" piece

before i jumped back into the bar room brawl that is the 6x4 foot Rebel Angels painting

Slowly evolved into a week long sojourn thru a waterfall laden forest...

Figuring after giving my ALL to the Saint Surveillance masterwork

i needed to RE-ADJUST back into the Rebel Angels mode

a more Classic mode

but i wasn't ready

the brain wasn't ready

After all that battle and struggle

i needed an Oasis...

a little breakfrom the chaos..

and night

after looking at persian miniatures

balinese paintings

and old drawings and sketches i had collected

this was born

FAST and instinctual


I wanted something playful and relaxing

A land the viewer could wander about for days.

That was one thing ALWAYS in mind when creating these...

Paint something that can acommodate a large group

That way somebody near one side can have a place to enjoy...

everyone can have an area....a place...

Here is a closeup of the humble beginnings

Taking a cue from Klee and Kandinsky and Mary Blair for starters

very rough and playing with shapes

shapes which will later form a rhythm upward

to offset the downward rush of the waterfall...

Here's a little further into the piece,revealing the sunlight charged basin

beneath the first of twin falls....

Some more rough coloring to flesh out the land.... Note the blue circle to the right....

an echo of the one near the bottom....

Hiking further up the cliffs

a few waterfalls torrent downward.

And yes.... another circle

The fun is going to be laying down transparencies later...

And the very top of the piece....

Cooling down with a calmer,quieter location.

Seeing as this painting will be messing with depth and perception and

a certain stylized realism

This tree was placed in the extreme foreground

to help with the illusion of atmosphere later.....

you'll see!


unfortunately.....Painting this wa such an obsessive blur

no more step by step photos were taken...

Above is 1/3 of the way thru

before the water and other details were enhanced....

like the white flowers in the upper center...

No shadows yet! look for them later...

And here it is,placed atop the Rebel Angels to give you a size comparison...

it's 2 x 5 Feet,which is a pain in the Bee-hind to paint...

especially the middle!

Above is the finished

and as yet...untitled ...painting.

just waiting on the title.

That happens often when i wander and play

outside of official scheduled pieces..

But a small price to pay....

the title will bubble up....


Anyways... Here is some music for you

as we climb and grunt and shimmy

up and down this landscape...


Working on the beard of Saint Surveillance gave me a hankerin for some WATERFALL!

Some water moving DOWN a surface




This was a Blast

Working with reflections



tilting up riverbanks

and flattening verdant hills...

Great care was taken to make this place seem ALIVE!

Note the ferns in the lower left foreground

a wash of light blue was thrown on the lower fronds to establish a depth and realism

to this place...

Here you can see the first "circle" in the composition

a little flat area of red dirt

sprouting forth all types of goodies!

A closeup of the bottom palm

JUST to allow y'alls a chance to see all the detail that goes into each and every plant...

Above the palm are these two trees

the decorative nature of the vegetation on these trees

was inspired by the art of Bali.

A little further up,we reach a shady spot near a steep pair of falls...


A view of the other bank

a patchwork of trees and bushes and ferns and flowers

dappled upon the closely stacked cliffs...

A close-up of the tree,again showing the decorative motifs in the trees....

A view of another semi-circle

sneaking it's way into the composition....

In the above picture,we pan back a little to see how the cools and warms interact.

and reflect how this piece

that began as a mere excercise

has "sprung" to life

and become a place

despite breaking so many rules of form and physical space...

One of my Favorite areas in the piece

especially the blue palm...

Such a Grand Vista!

A closeup of one of them pesky circles and the semi-transparency of the water

revealing a bit of the red dirt cliff underneath...


And here's a pretty little grouping...

Can you hear the water

feel the coolness?

i sure did when painting it!

Peeking thru a maze of branches

a few upper waterfalls rush slowly down...

Here's those upper branches we saw in shots of the first session...

And here is a final picture.

it's getting late,so i will save my Rebel Angels progress

for the next blog

Which should be VERY SOON!

Here's a teaser

just cause i loves ya!

Thanks for the visit

and taking the time to go hiking this fine day!