Watercolor 90 Tikis.... All of them by Kenneth M Ruzic

90 Tikis.... All of them

Decide to occupy myself for a few days with a simple project... How many variations of Tiki Masks could I produce before getting bored? Well I hit 90,but ran out of the watercolor stock! Will have to order some More and push this to 100... Plus a few aren't masks per se....
Each drawing is pencil, watercolor,and ink 
on 4.5 x 6.75" deckle-edged watercolor paper
If you would like to adopt one, or two 
Reach me thru the Contact page
Please include the number of the drawing
and where you would like it mailed...
Each drawing is $25 with $5 shipping for each
Continental US Orders only for the time being...

Thank you.