Drawing "Poko Ono" Limited Edition (Brown) by Kenneth M Ruzic

"Poko Ono" Limited Edition (Brown)

Produced and Distributed by Tikifarm in 2015
This is a lidded pineapple shaped mug decorated with round-headed Tiki figures, who, in turn, are drinking out of straws from glasses of their own. The blue-glaze leafed lid may be used as a shot glass as well. This Tiki mug was designed by Little Lost Tiki and produced by Tiki Farm in a brown wash glaze limited edition for the Tiki Farm 15th Anniversary "Mondo Tiki" event at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, November 6-29, 2015. It was one of five newly released mugs for the event. The regular edition of this mug was issued in an orange wash glaze. This limited edition version was numbered and signed on the full-color box labels.
Holds 16 fl oz.  7.5 x 4"