Acrylic painting "The Hidden Alcove" by Kenneth M Ruzic

"The Hidden Alcove"

2021 Subject 7: Still Life
"The Hidden Alcove"
Acrylic on Black Suede mat board
16 x 20"
This category was the "Wild Card" category, where the four Gargantuas put their name in a hat and the winner gets to pick what the subject is....Since I haven't gotten the Wild Card since our second exhibits decide to go all Fine Art again (last time I chose "Self Portrait", much to the dismay of Doug and Toe) and chose STILL LIFE. We've been artists for so long, why not do some "real" artist paintings, right? This piece is the result of setting up a little tableau in the studio, doing studies and then approaching it like an artist actually would.... Decide to include my LukLuk,Kolohe,Cannibal King, and Inferno Room Drum mugs and Kainoa Bowl in this painting... Can you spot them? $2000 and shipping. if you want it write me 

$2,000.00 USD