the Legendary Realms Bowl by Kenneth M Ruzic

the Legendary Realms Bowl

Never before in the history of Polynesian Pop have 4 artists, 4 Gargantuans OF TIKI, collaborated on a bowl together. This one-of-a-kind, first-of-it’s-kind bowl is limited to an edition of 100 at @ $150 clams each. They will hit the public at the BATTLE exhibition. One per person please.Doug Horne, Tom Laura, Ken Ruzic and Suzy Mosher’s rapacious, wild, untameable creative juices intermingled to create this epic 64 oz bowl, so you can drown yourself in their collective perfection (please wait 30 minutes after eating before diving in).Each tiki represents the mythology of deities that control the legendary realms of Sea (Doug Horne-Marquesan), Land (Tom Laura-Boar-Hawaii), the Underworld (Ken Ruzic-Papa New Guinea), and Air (Atomikitty-Rapa Nui). Each Artist chose the god that resonated with them.But it’s not just a mug release event! It is also an art opening/melee!“Battle for the Island of the Gargantuas - A Tiki Art Rumble” is the latest brain child of the Gargantuas Art Collective - Featuring the work and shenanigans of world renowned Tiki artists Doug Horne, BigToe Art, Ken Ruzic & Atomikitty.

There are a few bowls remaining. If you'd like one,go to the contact page and write me a note and i will reply with the details....