Painting "The Thieving Hornbill" by Kenneth M Ruzic

"The Thieving Hornbill"

2021 Subject: Mix Tape
"the Thieving Hornbill"
24 x 72"
mixed media on canvas
A thieving little hornbill has stolen a pendant, and this poor fellow had to climb into a jungle tree to retrieve it. This my second entry for the Mix Tape category because they were such a pleasure to paint, and I have a lot of excess artistic energy that needed to be released.... What song does this painting pay homage to, you ask? Rossini's "the Thieving Magpie" because 1) I LOVE Classical Music 2) it's a piece that any fan of pop culture would recognize, as it has been used in "Clockwork Orange" and numerous Warner Brothers cartoons...$3000 and shipping. if you want it write me kenruzic@gmail.comĀ 

$3,000.00 USD