Biography of sorts

*Born Aug 1964 in Chicago
transplanted to Danville late 70's
*1982-86 Joined Marine Corps
29 Palms/Okinawa/Pendleton
stayed in Cali
*1988-89 Attended Fashion Institute of Design/Costa Mesa CA
Merchandising Bachelors Degree
*1990-2005 Exhibited in Solo and Group shows Los Angeles/Orange County
notable Solo exhibits: "the Great Experiment" "Rational Suspicion" "BusyBoy"
Subject matter ranged from Mythology and Legends ,Social Commentary, Classic Art themes
*1990-95 Worked for Rusty Surfboards-Art Dept
designing t-shirt graphics/woven shirt and boardshort prints
the Surf Industry allowed me to develop,explore and discover Polynesian Art and Lore
The meeting of fine art and graphic design during this time still influences my work
*96-2002 Worked for Hawaiian Island Creations-Art Dept
designing t-shirt graphics/woven shirt and boardshort prints
A superteam of artists,full immersion in Hawaiian art tradition/etc.
*2002-2012 Worked for MMS/JEM,Inc in Laguna Canyon
as the Concept/Idea person for our men's t-shirts
We got BigToe on board around 2008
*2012- Merged with Hybrid Apparel in Cypress CA and joined their art department
i work on Concepts and Art for a huge range of young men's t-shirts

TIKI stuff
2005 HOW it BEGAN...
Invited to the warehouse/studio that Drew Brophy was sharing with Tiki Farm
After visiting with Drew,He introduced me to Holden, i showed him my sketchbook,and we immediately cliqued and have been creating a few mugs a year together ever since
13 months from that meeting,i had met Dave (Squid) Cohen,Doug
Horne,Tom (BigToe) Laura,and even Bamboo Ben,for starters.
We  began creating our own local support group/art scene with
gatherings and "Chops" sponsored by fellow Tiki artists and carvers
and having exhibitions with themes as varied as Shrunken heads,Clowns,Krampus,Tiki Tarot,Sam's Seafood's Swordfish sign,Haunted HotRods, and Tiki Freakouts

*2006 to 2012 Doug, Tom, myself,and other notables from our Rag-Tag art ganghad somehow managed to get our work exhibited at such notable galleries as
DVA gallery,Chicago / Light Gallery,Costa Mesa / Planet Rooth,San
Diego / Harold Golen gallery,Miami / the Freaky Boutiki,San Diego/
Gallery De la Cruz,Anaheim / Rothick gallery,Anaheim / Elroy Art,Portland
/ and Tiki was even represented at La Luz de Jesus Gallery's Annual Laluzapalooza exhibit
*We were also able to show our work in Tiki Temples the Bahooka / Bali Hai / Damon's/ Kon-Tiki in Arizona / NoHo's Tonga Hut / Sam's (Don the beachcombers today)
*2006 "Talking Palms and Pineapple Kings" Caged Chameleon,Santa Anamy first Solo Tiki themed Exhibition*Released "500 Tikis" and "About 500 Tikis"  books
Release of TikiFarm  Oli-Oli / Kakaka / Pupule mugs
*2008-2012 Noteworthy Tiki Shows and "Tours" and stuffs
*May 2008 "m Modern 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition" Palm Springs
*Oct 2009 "Seattle Prostitour" sponsored by Tiki joe's Ocean
(Squid,Doug,and myself Trip to Seattle meet and greet the Ohana up North)
*April 2010 "False idols",Bold hype gallery,Orlando
*Feb 2012 "The Contemporary Idol" m Modern gallery,Palm Springs Sven Kirsten curated*2012 Release of Classic Cocktail Set

Doug,Toe,and myself started a serious regular regime of Art jams,every
few Thursday nights we would gather together to paint,drink,watch exploitation movies,and plan our next caper. The studio has been graced by too many artists,visionaries,and
characters to list,Each one leaving a lil something (food,beer,books,wisdom,jokes,etc.)
to add to the eclectic soup
*Jan 2013  "Clash of the Titans"  Rothick Gallery Fullerton BigToe and myself
This was the start of our "Gargantua" exhibits   8-12 subjects  with each artist creating 1 painting per subject .
it was a chance to touch upon subjects including,but also outside Polynesian pop. An art battle for Optics and challenge to expand our other Areas of Interest
*This was also the year i began vending with Thor and Crazy Al in his suite at Tiki Oasis.
*June 2013 "Sacred and Profane" solo exhibit  Egan Gallery Fullerton
*Release of TikiFarm PiNGo mug

*March 2014  "War of the Gargantuans"
 Egan gallery Fullerton
First show of our solid Artjam "base" Toe,Doug,and Myself
*June-Sept 2014 "TikiPop" exhibition and Book in FRANCE!
Sven released his TikiPop book accompanied by an exhibition at the Musee' Du Quai Branley Ethnographic museum in Paris.Lucky enough to be included in the museum exhibition and book
*Nov 2014 "Sympathies and Antipathies" solo exhibition Paz gallery Fullerton
*Release of TikiFarm Kolohe Mug
*Release of TikiFarm Kainoa Bowl
*June 2015
 "Blood Orgy of the Behemoths"  Max Blooms  Fullerton
Doug,Candy Weil,Toe and myself continue the Titan/Gargantua Tradition with this art show
*Nov 2015 "Tiki Farm 15 Year Anniversary" exhibition  la Luz de Jesus gallery,LA
Scott Shiedly (Flounder) solo exhibition paired with Holden displaying hundreds
of his beautiful mugs aaaand Doug,Toe,and i had art on the walls there.
*Release of Tikifarm Poko Ono mug and shotglass
*Release of "Selected Drawings 2015" book
*March 2016
  Finished two 3 x 4' paintings for Howie's Tiki in Spring Texas
Also,the space is adorned by 2 masks hand carved by Billy the Crud
based on designed i drew for owner Mark Voros.Proudly sharing the walls with wonderful art by BigToe,Doug Horne,and Robert Jimenenzalso designed their signature Howie's Volcano mug
*May 2016  "Kustom Tiki Kill Kill! (a LowDown LowBrow Throwdown Down
 Kustom lane Gallery  Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Another exhibition in the GARGANTUA series,contracting back to Toe,Doug,and myself
Art Battling at the gallery and meeting and mingling with the Tiki Artist Elite Down under!
* Released TikiFarm Modfish bowl
*Feb 2017 "Dark and Stormy-a Tiki Nightmare" group exhibition
  Night gallery,Santa Ana
*Jun 2017 "Stranded in Paradise"  Creative Framing Gallery,oakland
*Aug 2017 "International Espionage"  Art Show  Tiki Oasis San Diego*Aug 2017 "Yet Undiscovered Lands" 70 page Book released
*Oct 2017 "The Art of Tiki" exhibition La Luz de Jesus gallery,LA
30 plus artist group show chosen by Otto von Stroheim and Sven kirsten
with an accompanying new book with 200 pages of Tiki art classic and
contemporary pieced together by the author of THE Book of Tiki and the founder of
the Tiki oasis event. Doug,Toe and i,finagled our way in!
*November 13-21 "California Castaways" (Tiki Art in the Modern World) HAWAII !
Royal Kona Hotel Kailua-Kona and  Kozy's Tiki palace  Waimea
Gargantua themed exhibitions,a festival, and touring and island hopping with Brad "Tikishark" Parker ,Toe,and Doug *Designed 6-color Mai tai Glass for Hidden Harbor, Pittsburgh,PA
*Release of TikiFarm Minky and Cannibal King mugs

2018*Apr 2018 "Big Kahuna" exhibition Kustom lane Gallery,Melbourne,Aus
*Sept 2018"Battle for the Island of the Gargantuas" MADE by Millworks,long beach 
Doug,Suzanne (Atomikitty) Mosher,Toe and myself continue the Titan/Gargantua Tradition with this art show,docent tour,headhole,and release of our 4 artist Legendary Realms Bowl
*Designed a Drum mug and menu for the Inferno Room in Indianapolis
*Released Sepik River Sammy mug-collaboration with Danielle Mann
2019*working on 2 vertical panels  (Heaven/Hell) for a new Bar project for Mark Sellers*will be designing 2-3 new mugs with TikiFarm this year*working with the inferno room on a signature Skullmug 2.0*slowly planning this year's Gargantua exhibition with the boys....
www.kinnyruzic.comFacebook/Instagram - Ken Ruzicand hopefully will have an etsy page up soon
other tid-bits...ARTISTIC INFLUENCES

Contemporary Influences

my art brothers Doug Horne and Big Toe-we complete a trilogy of
Do's,Don'ts ,and Maybe Won'ts of Art
Being so close and seeing how we approach themes and surfaces. Our
brains combined form a complete Banal to Manic range
Also Shag,Derek Yaniger,Scott Scheidly,Brad "TikiShark" Parker,Suzy
Mosher,Bamboo Ben,Tiki Tony,Wendy Cevola,Thor Thordarson,bosko,Crazy
Al,Michael Sbicca,Squid,Ryden,Mitch O'Connel,Tiki Diablo,Johnny
Velour,Woody miller, Thomas Fernandez,,Atomikitty,Heather Watts.... i could go
on for at least 2000 more characters!
These are the finest artists.....such dedication and creativity! . Our
scene is a Seething Cannibal's Cauldron of Creativity and everyone
really puts their best efforts forward to enrich the scene...And it's just not the artists and
carvers,it extends way beyond that!

Fine Art Influences
Polynesian Art-esp Sepik River artifacys
Minoan Art , Han Dynasty wall carvings, Balinese paintings, European
Middle Age prints and drawings, ad naseum etc.
Peter Bruegel, Albrecht Durer, Bosch,Dali,Thomas Hart Benton,Paul
Gauguin,Juan Miro,Chagall,Picasso,Klee,Hokusai

Graphic Influences
Lynd Ward, Stuart Davis, Mary Blair, Alex Steinweiss, Jim Flora, Basil
Wolverton,Jack Kirby, Michael Ploog
i think this mixing of Fine and Graphic Art, Primitive and so-called civilized art BOTH communicate to the human in all of us, allowing the freedom to experiment,learn,and progress the narrative in a number of visual styles and mediums...